Can Veggies Inhibit Cancer?

An article in Mother Jones reports that eating your veggies may inhibit cancer. We are always told that veggies are good for our health and it is more healthy to maintain a plant based diet. It is about time studies are done to prove this to the sceptics.

According to Gary Meadows of Washington State Universtiy,

…”more than 40 plant-based compounds [that] can turn on genes that slow the spread of cancer,” WSU News reports. How did he do it? WSU News: “Meadows took the studies and looked to see when metastasis suppressor genes were on or off, even if original authors didn’t make the connection.”

He found dozens of examples, including pomegranate juice, which seemed to inhibit the spread of prostate cancer; glucosinolates found in cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and kale; lycopene, the stuff that gives tomatoes their color; and lupulone, a flavonoid found in hops (meaning that, yes, beer can potentially help with cancer). This seeming ability to turn on metastasis-suppressor genes is distinct from other things you might have heard about such compounds, such as their ability to act as antioxidants.

Meadows emphasizes that his findings are suggestive, not definitive—they point to the need for more focused research on the role of plant-based foods in halting the spread of cancer. “And many of these effects have not been followed up on,” he told WSU News. “There’s likely to be more compounds out there, more constituents, that people haven’t even evaluated yet.”

The cancer finding comes on the heels of other research suggesting that eating our veggies is even more important than we give it credit for. Last fall, UK researchers identified a compound in leafy greens that appears to be a critical factor for “keeping infections at bay and maintaining a healthy gut.”

It is going to call for a lifestyle change for us to cut down on processed foods, chemicals, sweeteners, and all the junk that we land up consuming on a daily basis. Without

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