The Flexi-vegan

dry-legumesSo for my vegan friends, when you find a  great vegetarian recipe like some of those listed on this blog (wink wink) where would you go to find some quick and easy to find vegan substitutes. Many of them are probably even sitting on your pantry shelf. It’s easier than you think to find vegan substitutes in todays world.

This article lists some great vegan substitution options.

I find it difficult to be a complete vegan, however, I do substitute many of my vegetarian recipes to vegan every once in a while and try to be a “flexitarian” Vegan, or a “Flexi-vegan” as I like to call it!

My favorite spots where I typically go vegan are with smoothies, baked dishes, cupcakes, brownies, breads and such. So many vegetarian entrees can easily be made vegan. Try it out and, like me, you might actually enjoy experimenting with new ingredients.



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