Cool Off With These Awesome Spiked Drinks!

Iced, Spiked Drinks

Photo Courtesy: Washington Post | Left to right: Jaljira Spritzer, Watermelon Mint Zinger, Sambaram, Ginger Lime Cooler. (Deb Lindsey/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST; TABLEWARE FROM CRATE AND BARREL)

Summer’s here in full swing and I just made us a big pitcher of this awesome spiked Ginger Lime Cooler. Spiked with heat, not alcohol. I wrote an article last summer for The Washington Post on cold drinks spiked with heat…. Why heat you may ask–

That’s how I liked the tall, tingling drinks I was served growing up in southern India. They were nonalcoholic, cool and instantly refreshing. Little did I know that they were increasing my metabolism and helping me to digest food better.

Now I make them myself, relishing them all the more for their healthful, albeit minor, benefits and sophisticated yet playful tastes.

Want to try out one of these when you get home? They sit very well, and are wonderful to entertain. You will find recipes for a Sambaram (a spiced buttermilk drink), Ginger Lime Cooler, Watermelon Mint Zinger, and Jaljira Spritzer.


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