Viva This Vegetable Roulade!!!

This one is for those who think that making an elegant vegetarian dish is very hard…. I was at a gala recently, a massive one with Hollywood actors and politicians and michelin starred chefs who had 3 appetizers they were preparing, all of which had meat! The dinner option at all ofthese Galas ends up having mushroom as the main vegetarian entree, one that my husband cannot eat and he lands up going hungry. I spoke an organizer who told me that vegetarian entrees are so hard to prepare, and I go “are you kidding me” really. In this day and age…

This fabulous vegetable roulade from Food Republic, is totally rocking it. You know that this is definitely going to have a place on my Holiday table this year… I will spice it up some more I am sure, and will share that recipe shortly. But for now here is the basic method, try it, enjoy!!!


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