Gazpachos Galore!!!

If there has been any one article I have throughly enjoyed testing and writing it was this one for the Washington Post dated July 11 2014 titled 3 Gazpachos, 1 Cool Summer Option. More importantly I am completely excited about the food stylists and the fabulous photos that they came up with. An ice bowl with my gazpacho recipe, who would have thunk!!!

Here is an excerpt from the article —

My own adventures with gazpacho began when I was in grad school in Ames, Iowa, in need of a meal I could put together fast and carry in a thermos. All it took was enough planning to allow the mix — typically cucumbers, tomatoes and onions — to “cure” overnight in the refrigerator.

After I moved to Seattle for work, trips to Pike Place Market inspired me to branch out, ingredient-wise. I reached for summer squash, beets, rainbow carrots.

I am now one of those people who get excited about trying new vegetables, and I look for ways to incorporate them into my family’s diet. These days I’ll find gazpacho fixings at the farmers market and in the bins at international food stores.

Recipes are included for —

Watermelon Tomato Gazpacho

Spicy Lettuce Lassi Gazpacho

Berry Mint Gazpacho



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